How to apply makeup

Learning how to apply makeup is a simple task once you know what the professionals do. Begin by identifying your own personal skin tone and then choose makeup colors that compliment it. Remember that the purpose in wearing makeup is to accentuate your features and makeup should look natural. Applying makeup in a room with plenty of natural light will help keep you from applying it to dark.

Applying makeup begins with a good foundation. There are many types to choose from including liquid or powder. Be sure to choose noncomedeogenic foundation. To apply, create a light even coat and blend thoroughly into skin using your fingers or a makeup sponge. If you notice an unnatural line beneath your jaw after blending, your foundation is too dark and you should choose something lighter.

Follow foundation with shades of blush suited to your skin tone. You can use two shades or one. If using two, use the lighter shade as a highlighter and apply by sucking your cheeks inside your mouth and then brushing the ridge just above. Next, use a slightly darker shade below the highlights and apply in a light, circular motion. Blend with a clean, dry brush. Again, if you have created unnatural splotches of color, you have either applied blush to heavily or chosen too dark a color.

Applying makeup to eyes takes careful attention to the shape of your eyes. Begin with eyeliner, either liquid or pencil, and follow the natural line on your lower lid and blend with a tissue or makeup sponge. Always blend from the outside corner to the inside corner. Applying eye shadow is typically done in three steps. A highlight color is used to accentuate the area just beneath the eyebrow, a coordinating color is then used on the upper eyelid, followed by a contour color in the crease between the two. Again, blending should create a natural look. Choose colors such as beige, tawny, brown, gray, or cream until you become more adept at applying eye shadow.

Mascara is used to darken and lengthen the eyelashes. Begin applying at the base of the eyelid where the lashes grow and gently brush outward to the tips. Top lashes can receive two coats if necessary, but keep the lower lashes to one coat if possible. An eyelash comb is an essential tool to remove any clumps after mascara is applied. Comb lashes before the mascara dries for the best results.

To finish, apply lip liner just along the outer edges of the lower and upper lip. If using a pencil, be sure it is sharp for the finest line. Fill in with a matching shade of lip color and blot with a tissue. Blend the line downward into the lip color, apply a second coat of lip color and blot again. If you’d like to see your makeup last longer, apply a thin layer of translucent powder with a large, clean brush over your entire face.