How to build a computer

Without a doubt, it would be simpler if everybody knew how to build a computer. When shopping for a computer is harder than shopping for a new car, it would be great to just build the computer you wanted. Still, the average person probably knows as much about how to build a computer as they do about building a car. But if youíre willing to spend the time and money to try it, there are a few basics you would need to know.

First of all, you will need to acquire the parts to build a computer. There are numerous resources for obtaining computer parts including computer repair shops and the internet. You could potentially order an entire kit or purchase the parts individually. The parts list is long, but the basics to start include a case to house all the components, a motherboard, drivers and bays, memory, sound and video cards, and the power supply. It would be advantageous to also have a book or manual of some sort with diagrams and step by step instructions.

Since the case is the housing for all of the computer parts, you would build a computer in a case suitable for your needs. There are different sizes of cases including towers, mini-towers and desktops. Each one will provide a different amount of internal room for the various bays and slots you may want to include and each one will ultimately take up a different amount of space in the end.

Once youíve selected a case, you can begin to build the components of the computer. Your chosen case may come with a power supply so be sure thereís enough to support what you are building. Donít forget to make sure that the computerís monitor, keyboard, printers and other hardware all have compatible drivers in the finished product.

If you really want to learn to build a computer, there are professional and vocational classes that teach this skill. It is potentially not only a valuable personal skill in this day and age, but could be a professional skill that leads to great profit since many people would prefer a custom-built computer for their home computer needs.