How to build a shed

Building a shed is much like building a house but on a much smaller and simpler scale. A storage or garden shed can be built in a couple of weekends with the proper equipment and know-how. Before you begin, check with your municipal office for specific building codes as the information may dictate the location and type of shed you build. A permit may also be required. Building a shed is a great home improvement project that can add a lot to your home's value.

When the location of your shed has been decided, begin construction by determining how your shed will be anchored. A shed can be anchored to the ground with cables, but a sturdier construction will require anchoring band boards to posts that are set in concrete underground. If using a kit, refer to the building instructions for anchoring requirements. Once the floor is anchored and the floor joists are built, you can sheath the floor.

The next step will be constructing the shed walls. Before building the walls, decide what type and size of doors you will use and whether you want to install any windows. Frame your walls accordingly and then cover the walls with your choice of exterior. OSB board or T1-11 siding is inexpensive, but will require periodic maintenance if you paint the exterior. Vinyl siding is more expensive but is maintenance free.

The final two steps are the roof and the doors. The roof should be built with consideration to potential weight bearing loads such as heavy snow and you will want to take careful measures to build the roof to resist leaking. If shingling the roof of your shed, be sure to refer to the shingle bundles for layout instructions and tar paper specifications.

Once your shed is roofed in, you can install your doors. Be sure to build the doors wide enough to accommodate anything you may want to store in the shed. Once the basic structure is built, you can then decide if you want to finish the interior walls with plywood or shelving and whether or not to cover the plywood floor with indoor-outdoor carpet. You may also consider building a ramp if you will be using the shed to house heavy lawn equipment.