How to kiss

Kissing is an intimate showing of affection between couples, family members, or close friends. A kiss can express many levels of affection, but an unwanted kiss or one that is improperly placed can have the opposite effect. A kiss on the cheek or forehead, delicately placed, demonstrates a kind admiration between children and adults or between friends. A kiss on the lips is reserved for expressing affection between couples.

Most people, young or old, will be unimpressed if a kiss is delivered forcefully or sloppily. Take for example animal instinct. While most people believe that when a dog licks a human, they are displaying affection and in fact ďkissingĒ that person, in reality, a dog doesnít lick for affection. They are merely tasting the salts that effuse from human pours in body sweat and oils. Some people donít mind a wet, sloppy dog kiss from their four-legged friends, but rest assured they would not appreciate the same deliverance from another human.

A kiss should be gentle, never forceful, and the target should be clear. As the deliverer, you would not want to land a pucker intended for your recipientís lips on the nose. Further, be sure you are not salivating, drooling, or otherwise soaking with spit Ė it will not be appreciated. Lips are naturally moist, but not wet.

Kiss with closed lips except under the most intimate of circumstances. Kissing with open mouths, often referred to as French-kissing, is reserved for the most intimate of relationships. However, under both conditions, it is extremely important that your oral hygiene be in order. Nothing ruins a well-intentioned kiss faster than halitosis. If you havenít mastered proper oral hygiene, itís best to learn this life skill before learning how to kiss.

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