How to lose weight

Losing weight is something that is easier said than done and requires a continuous commitment. While there seems to be a million recommended ways to lose weight, the physical reality is that weight loss requires an individual to burn more calories than are consumed. Simply put, this translates into diet and exercise.

The term diet is often associated with losing weight, but carries the wrong connotation. The word diet should strictly adhere to what you put into your body nutritionally speaking. Yes, it is important to pay attention to your daily caloric intake, but finding foods that are low in calories is not difficult to do and does not have to mean eating nothing but salads and low-fat yogurt.

Because losing weight is a commitment and requires lifestyle changes, it is important to identify what will work best for you. Research the foods you know you like to find out which are the lowest in calories per serving. If you can find five foods that are low in calories that you also enjoy, this makes the process easier. Identify what your ideal daily calorie consumption should be based on your weight, height and age. Plan out three meals and two snacks per day that will not exceed your daily amount. Follow this plan for seven days at a time, and begin new each week.

When you have determined what your diet will consist of, determine what types of exercise you are willing and able to do and how many calories that will burn. There are many resources available online, in books, and from your family doctor that will tell you how many calories, on average, a specific activity will burn. Work these activities into your daily schedule until you are able to burn more calories through exercise than you consume each day. When you have lost the pounds you were trying to drop, your weight can be maintained by consuming and burning an equal amount of calories each day.

If you want to lose more than 20 pounds, or would like to incorporate vigorous exercise into your daily routine, it is best to consult a physician before beginning any diet and exercise or weight loss program.