How to plan a wedding

Ordinarily, the story is as follows; boy buys diamond, girl says yes. Unless the ring is to be returned, then the blissful engagement period must culminate with a wedding. If the happy couple has set a date, then wedding plans must ensue and unless the pair is exceedingly unique, the bride and her friends and family have the bulk of the responsibility to plan the wedding.

Ultimately, the bride to be should have the final say in every aspect of her wedding plans. Regardless of whether the wedding is to be a small, classical and intimate affair or the event of the year, a good deal of planning will be involved for a nice time to be had by all. Though the bride-to-be will have the main say, no bride and groom should have to plan their wedding alone.

Traditional weddings consist of a wedding rehearsal, a rehearsal dinner, followed by a wedding and a wedding reception. Traditionally speaking, the rehearsal dinner plans are taken care of by the groom with the remaining wedding and reception plans taken care of by the bride. However, tradition is followed much less frequently today. The important thing is that the bride and groom have a special day that is marked by good times, good memories and beautiful diamond wedding bands.

The most important details of a wedding include the location, the official, and the guests. These details should be taken care of well in advance. It is best to send invitations to guests about six weeks prior to the wedding date and obviously, this step canít be carried out until the location and date are chosen as well as the guest list created and the invitations made or purchased.

Closely following in importance to the above details, a reception, if desired, should be coordinated with the date, time and location of the wedding. It is entirely acceptable to hold punch and cake reception only if the budget doesnít allow for a full-fledged dinner. With these details taken care of, other minor details can be worked out.

These minor details, but no less important, include choosing a wedding party, if any. If a wedding party is chosen, no matter how large or small, attire will also need to be chosen. The bride will have a pretty good idea of what she wants the wedding party dressed in and will probably base it on the type of dress she chooses for herself.

If possible, assign specific duties to family members who are willing to help with the brideís input. Since many hands make light work, maybe an aunt or grandmother can help with arranging flowers, decorations, and reception details. In the end, the best way to plan a wedding is to enjoy it as much as possible and involve those closest to the bride and groom. This ensures that when the big day comes, the bride and groom have a memorable event that suits their exact hopes of a perfect wedding day. - Ireland Jewelry