How to play basketball

To play a regulation basketball game, two teams of at least five players each is required. Positions in basketball are 2 forwards, 2 guards, and 1 center. Other variations including 1, 2, or 3 players per side are often played in the street, parks, or schools for fun.

The basic rules of basketball are the same regardless of where itís played or how many are playing. The ball must be passed or dribbled to be moved and running while holding the ball is not allowed. Players alternately shoot the ball in to their designated basket scoring 2 points for each basket, except when shot from outside the three-point line (approximately 20 feet from the basket), when a shot counts for 3 points.

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Fouling occurs when an opposing player strikes a player in possession of the ball by pushing, tripping, hitting, or otherwise interfering physically with the handling of the ball. Foul shots are taken from the foul line and count as 1 point each.

After each basket is scored, the opposing side is given possession of the ball and the ball must be moved down the court by dribbling, or passing to another player. Any player can shoot the ball as long as the ball does not go out of bounds before the shot is made.

Once the ball has left a playerís hands, no player can interfere with the basket. However, any opposing player can attempt to catch or deflect the ball from the basket before it goes in. Similarly, a missed shot can be rebounded by any player and the individual or team who successfully rebounds the ball retains possession.