How to play golf

Golf is a sport that is gaining in popularity and can be very relaxing for those who learn to play. It is an individual sport where players compete against other individuals to play through a course with the fewest number of strokes. There are various terms relating to golf, but the basics are simple and the sport is easily learned even if mastering it takes years.

A golf course consists of 18 holes, which are like miniature courses individually. Each hole is measured by “par”, which is the number of swings it should take to get the ball from the tee to the actual hole at the end. The tee is the starting point and the hole at the end is identified with a flag. Ideally, a player’s score at the end should be par or under.

Equipment required for golf consists of golf balls and golf clubs. There are numerous different types of golf clubs all designed for special hitting situations. There are irons, wedges, woods, and putters and players familiar with the game know which ones will provide them the best swing in each situation.

The basic rules of golf are simple and basically require only that the ball be hit with a club at all times and that the ball stays on course. A ball can be hit out of bounds requiring the player to take a penalty swing and on most courses there are “traps” that need to be avoided to prevent racking up extra swings as well.

Ultimately, golf is an enjoyable sport that can be played throughout one’s entire life as even players with physical limitations can be accommodated. Playing golf can be an expensive sport to play as clubs and course fees cost money, but beginners can find good deals on used clubs and play on public courses to get in the swing of the game.